When Amazon India becomes India to sell its digital TV service, it is likely to become the biggest digital TV operator in the country.

Amazon India’s decision comes amid efforts to create a new ecosystem around digital TV.

Amazon has been eyeing digital TV for a long time.

Earlier this year, it unveiled its new Prime Video service, which offers an on-demand service that offers a lot of different options.

The company also launched a digital-only video platform in December, and last year it launched its online-only digital channel.

However, digital TV is a very new service in India.

It was launched in 2019 with Prime Video, and the platform was discontinued in 2021.

The company had launched its first-ever online-TV service, Prime Video Prime, in 2016, but it was discontinued soon after, with no plans to re-launch it.

Amazon had announced that it would launch its own online- TV service in 2020, but that project has yet to be announced.

Last year, Amazon said it had plans to create an online-video service in the US, but had only announced that in 2017.

The first-of-its-kind digital TV offering was announced by Amazon in September last year.

The service was announced at a time when the company was planning to roll out the service across its global networks.

The move will allow Amazon to offer its service to Indian subscribers, and to be the first major player in the online-tv market.

However, it will also help it to expand its footprint in India, which has the second-largest number of subscribers to Amazon Prime.

In 2017, Amazon Prime Video was priced at Rs 7,999 ($849), but it is expected to cost Rs 10,999($1,749) after tax.

Amazon Prime is available in India only on a subscription model.

It is also available on the Prime Video platform.

In addition to offering Prime Video services, Amazon has also been promoting its Digital TV platform with a series of videos and advertisements.

The latest ad featured a young couple with two young children.

The couple is seen talking about how the digital TV platform could help their family to stay connected to their friends and family on the Internet.

The couple also discusses the benefits of having a digital TV box, saying it will help them to get more sleep.

“When we had a TV, we used to spend hours in bed,” the couple said.

“Now, when we have a digital television, we can spend more time in bed.”