The government has announced that it will introduce a new law to give its telecom operators a new way to protect their customers from bogus claims by customers.

The government is also planning to implement an anti-money laundering law for the telecom operators.

Under the new measures, the telecoms operators will be able to make a number of disclosures, including what are called “strictly verifiable” reports, which can include information on the subscriber’s identity and billing details.

Under the law, a telecom operator will be obliged to notify the user about the verification process and the process to get his/her account removed.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has also announced that the information that the telecom operator provides to the customer regarding the verification of the identity of the subscriber will be considered “relevant information” for the purpose of the anti-fraud laws.

In the new notification, TRAI said that it had decided to adopt a two-step verification system in line with the requirement of the law to ensure the authenticity of the information and to protect the privacy of the subscribers.

The new laws will be introduced on August 10.

The notification states that the “relevant” part of the verification procedure must be given to the telecom services provider by the customer and that the relevant information has to be submitted in the form of a certified letter from the telecom service provider.

It is not clear how the telecom companies will be notified.

The telecom operators have also been told to inform the user if the verification is not completed within 30 days.

If the verification does not go smoothly, the customer may be subject to penalty.

The operators will also have to post a notification at the customer’s address confirming that the subscriber has been removed and that a refund of the money has been given.

The telecoms service provider will have to provide a notice to the user, in writing, to confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

The telecoms services providers will also be required to provide the subscriber with the identity and address of the person to whom the payment was made.

If this is not possible, the service provider may also be subject for termination.

The information that is being provided by the telecom provider in connection with the verification will be “relevant for the purposes of the new anti-corruption laws,” TRAI stated.