It’s easy to save money when you can save time and energy with the digital coupons you already have, says Jessica H. Dreyer, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania.

“The only way you can do that is if you have a way to sign up for a program and if you can use that program to get digital coupons.”

That can happen via a coupon app like or through a service like Amazon Prime.

The app can be free, but Amazon offers more-premium, monthly pricing options.

Here’s how to find them.


Use Amazon Prime to buy digital coupons on

The site allows you to set up your e-coupon and receive discounts or promotions for your shopping basket.

For instance, you can get 20 percent off a pair of shoes for a $25.00 Amazon Prime membership.

You can also get 20 free shipping on Amazon Prime, including Amazon’s first-class mail service.

You’ll also get a 10 percent discount on all of Amazon’s e-books.

Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping and free one-day delivery.

You get 20 days to sign in and receive the discount.

You also get to keep the e-book or the digital coupon for a year, according to Amazon.

“We want people to get this benefit, so we can continue to give back to the communities they live in,” said Julie Hirschberg, Amazon’s vice president of e-commerce.


Shop online through Amazon’s Amazon Prime store.

You might need to buy physical goods, but the retailer offers free shipping and a $5 Amazon Prime credit for books, movies, TV shows, and music.

You won’t need to pay for shipping, but you can’t redeem the credit until you purchase your items.

You don’t need a credit card to shop through Amazon.


Find an e-mailed coupon from Amazon Prime that works on your device.

The retailer has a selection of coupon codes that work on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, and more.

You have to sign into Amazon.

The program is available in your browser, and it’s not a paid program.


Use the app to get your digital coupon.

Some e-mails can offer a coupon code to use on the same page or on another page, but some offer one-click access to the same coupon code.

The code is stored in your account and can be accessed from any app.

You must register for the program before you can enter the code.


Sign up for Amazon Prime’s free two day shipping.

The company offers free one day shipping on all Amazon orders.

You pay $5.99 per item to get free shipping.

If you’re interested in getting a discounted product or service, check out a coupon for it on Amazon’s website.