Microsoft and the Xbox One were among the best-selling console categories for both retail and digital retailers on Monday, and the Microsoft Store on Xbox One was also a major seller.

However, Microsoft is ending its digital service for Xbox One on Tuesday.

Xbox One Digital will no longer be available in stores and on, the company announced Monday.

Microsoft said that Xbox One owners will have the option to download their games and apps to their Xbox One console from the Xbox Live Marketplace beginning Tuesday.

The Xbox One will also offer a download-only program for digital purchases on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft is offering a free six-month subscription to Xbox Live in addition to the Xbox service’s $60 annual membership fee.

Xbox Live also offers a free one-time $10 discount on purchases made on Xbox Live.

Digital downloads will be available to users with Xbox One accounts that are signed into the Microsoft account.

The service’s end also means that some users won’t be able to access Xbox Live services like Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video.

Microsoft will begin allowing some Xbox One games and games-as-a-service (AAA) services to continue to function.

Xbox PlayAnywhere is still available on Xbox for PC and console owners who have Xbox Live accounts, while Xbox Music is available on PC and consoles with Xbox Live Pro membership, and Video on Xbox has been removed from Xbox Live since December.

Microsoft also announced Monday that Xbox Live members who have purchased games on Xbox will have a 10 percent discount on Xbox Play and Xbox Music purchases.

Xbox Games On Demand will continue to be available on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles for $9.99 per month.

Microsoft’s Games On Duty service will also be available for Xbox consoles.

Microsoft recently announced that it will no long provide free streaming games to Xbox One customers, as it had done on Xbox games consoles in the past.

The company said it would provide streaming access for games to the console’s in-house service, Xbox Live Arcade.