How do you get a 4-digit number to make a purchase?

The answer is with a digital wallet, and that’s where the new Canon digital camera with digital payment chip comes in.

According to Canon, the chip will be available in the new 10D, 11D, 14D, and 15D.

The chip will work with both iOS and Android apps, and can be used with the camera’s built-in camera, which can be accessed by swiping up on the right side of the camera screen.

The new chip is a $100 upgrade over the one offered by Canon in previous models.

For those of you who have been waiting for a way to buy digital cameras with a chip, here’s your chance.

The company says the chip can be purchased with a $40 credit, and it’s also compatible with other Android smartphones.

It also offers a free “camera app” with a new Canon 5D Mark III and 7D cameras.

The Canon Digital Wallet will be compatible with any Canon camera and digital camera app on Android.

It will also be available for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

The chip will cost $15.99 and be compatible for both iOS devices and Android smartphones, according to the company.

The cost will increase to $20.99 for the new iPad Pro.

The Apple iPad Pro will also include an app that can be downloaded for free.

The $20 credit comes with an Apple ID that can then be used to purchase a chip with a credit card.

To be eligible, users will need to have a Canon Digital Camera account.

Canon is not providing any instructions for the credit card transaction.