What you need to know about the $499 Apple Watch Series 3 review

The $499 iPhone XS Max and the $649 iPhone X are all good phones for the Apple Watch.But the new Apple Watch, the Series 3, is different.The Watch will be a much better value than the original Series 2, and that’s exactly what we wanted to get right.The Series 3 has a more affordable price […]

A digital ally for digital activists, digital media advocates – Media Alliance

Digital activists, advocates for digital rights and advocates for civil liberties are all in a race to win support from the American people and from elected officials, as tech companies push for stronger protections in the fight against the cyber-attack that stole the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails.The Digital Allies Alliance, a coalition of advocacy groups […]

How digital pianos can change the way you think about music

By the time you finish reading this article, you probably have a digital piano in your home.Some of you may be already familiar with the pianos you’ve bought in the past few years, or you may have used a digital instrument to perform with your family.There are lots of ways to use the instrument.But how […]

How to hire a digital strategist: Get the most out of your digital strategist

It’s a daunting task when hiring a digital marketing expert to help your business grow and grow with your customers.If you’re looking for a digital salesperson, a digital copywriter, a copywriting coach, a marketing director, or an analytics manager, you need to be more specific about what those jobs are, says Daniel Hochberg, senior manager […]

What is digital scanning?

Digital scanning is the process of taking a picture of a print that is then sent to an inkjet printer to create an image.The printer can then print out the print on a computer screen.Here’s how it works.1.Get the image.Digital scanner.1 Digital scanning, also known as digital image processing, is the method of scanning images […]

Which retailer is the most digitally savvy?

Amazon is a digital-first company, and it’s also one of the most technologically savvy.The company has long offered its own cloud-based cloud-to-desktop software, Amazon Web Services, which can run across different devices and cloud servers.The software can also be integrated into Amazon Web Apps, Amazon’s suite of online services.Amazon’s Amazon Web App, the most widely […]

New Kroger digital thermometers are hot sellers

New Krogers are offering digital thermography products online for the first time, including the digital piano.The company said Tuesday that customers will be able to purchase digital thermograms for $7.99 and the digital thermostat for $29.99 from its online store.The digital thermometer will be available in three colors: black, red and gold.It’s also available in […]

How the New Xbox One X could kill the desktops

Digital thermometers, digital foundry and the Xbox One are just some of the products Microsoft is announcing today for the Xbox in its “XBox One X” line of gaming consoles.And while some of these products are designed for gamers, the Xbox X will be the first gaming console to offer these technologies for consumers.The new […]

How to use a digital notebook for health and wellness purposes

Digital health is now the leading form of digital medicine.It offers many different benefits, such as personalized health advice, improved sleep, improved energy levels and improved quality of life.There are even apps and websites that offer health and fitness benefits through the use of digital devices.The goal of digital health is to make all aspects […]

How to get a free Amazon Prime membership for all Amazon.com customers

I have a couple of things to say about Amazon Prime.First, you can sign up for one now at the Amazon website, and it costs $79.99 for three years.And then there are Amazon services that offer discounts.If you want to take advantage of those discounts, you need to get an Amazon Prime account.But you can […]

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