I’m getting my first digital thermocouple for Christmas and I’m using them for everything from cooking to cleaning. 

The thing is, they don’t seem to be working as well as the old fashioned digital ones I’ve had for years. 

But they’re still pretty darn useful. 

So, I decided to give them a try. 

I was pleasantly surprised. 

They’re surprisingly easy to use and work really well. 

And the digital version has the same range of temperatures as the analog ones, so it’s just a matter of setting it to a specific temperature. 

The temperature I was able to get was about 1,400 F, which is about where I want it to be. 

But I have to admit, when I first started using them, the thermometer didn’t seem very accurate. 

It took a lot of time for it to get the right temperature.

The first couple of times I did this, I went back to the analog thermometer and started again. 

Then, as time went on, the error got worse. 

Eventually, I started using the digital thermograph instead. 

After a while, the difference between the two was pretty noticeable. 

As a result, I’ve switched to using the analog one and I can’t wait to try out the digital one.