NEW YORK — Shoprite is changing how people shop online.

The company announced Tuesday that it is bringing back its popular digital coupons and digital cameras.

Shoprite said it has launched a new digital coupon and digital camera store.

Users can now redeem a new coupon and new digital camera online at a special Shoprite coupon page that will appear in their shopping cart.

The new feature is limited to one coupon per customer, so if a shopper only has one coupon, they won’t be able to redeem it online.

Shoprite said customers who want to redeem a coupon on their mobile device can do so from the mobile app.

The new online store also lets people redeem digital coupons at retail stores like Walmart, Target and

The store also allows shoppers to redeem coupons on its website and through the Shoprite app.

Shop in stores is limited.

To redeem digital products, shoppers can use the coupon page on the store’s website.

They can also use the Shopify app, which lets users view coupons and save them for later use.

The app also allows users to add a new promo to their shopping basket, but they can only redeem one coupon.