Digital thermometers, digital foundry and the Xbox One are just some of the products Microsoft is announcing today for the Xbox in its “XBox One X” line of gaming consoles.

And while some of these products are designed for gamers, the Xbox X will be the first gaming console to offer these technologies for consumers.

The new Xbox X is an update to the original Xbox One, but it’s also a new console in many ways.

Its design is much more similar to the PS4 than it is the Xbox, and Microsoft says it’s designed to be more energy-efficient, less power-hungry and more energy efficient than the previous generation.

It has a faster GPU, the latest versions of the Windows 10 operating system and a built-in 1080p HDR TV.

Microsoft says the X will run on Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 IoT, and that it will run at 50 percent less power than the current Xbox One.

It’s also one of the first consoles to come with a new version of the Xbox Wireless Controller, which has been outfitted with a 5.5-inch screen, and it supports the new Xbox One Kinect camera.

But Microsoft also says the Xbox will be more powerful than the original console.

It’ll be capable of up to 5,000 games and 4K video playback.

Microsoft is announcing that the X has an Xbox Wireless controller, a 5-inch display, a built in 1080p Kinect camera and a new Xbox Wireless gamepad.

It also has a redesigned Xbox app store, Xbox Music, Xbox One Games, Xbox Movies, Xbox Video and Xbox Sports.

There’s also the new Windows 10-compatible game, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox SmartThings, and Xbox Fitness.

The X will have an upgraded CPU, too.

The new Xbox is powered by a new 14nm, eight-core CPU and an 8.5GHz GPU.

The X is the first Xbox to feature Intel’s latest 14nm architecture.

It can do up to 4.6 teraflops of compute, Microsoft says, and up to 10 terafls of graphics processing power.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s most powerful console yet.

It’s powered by the same 14nm process, and its GPU has a boost clock of 3.1GHz and the base clock of 2.5 GHz.

The base clock is up to 3.8GHz, the boost clock is 4.1 GHz and the max boost clock, at 3.5Ghz, is 7.1Ghz.

Microsoft says the new X has a better battery life.

It uses the same 12.9Wh battery that was used in the Xbox 360 and the new One.

The Xbox One has a bigger battery capacity than the X, but that’s only because it’s a much more powerful console.

The console has been redesigned, too, to make it more appealing to fans of Xbox games and entertainment.

It will have a new “Diversity” dashboard that displays Xbox games, entertainment, TV shows and music in a more natural way.

The console will also have a redesigned console menu and a revamped console dashboard that includes a redesigned “Home” tab that lets users quickly access their games and apps.

It will have more storage, too: The Xbox X comes with 2TB of internal storage.

Microsoft has also announced that the Xbox is now available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations.

Microsoft has also said that the new console will come in four colors: Blue, Gold, Silver and Blue.