Digital scanning is the process of taking a picture of a print that is then sent to an inkjet printer to create an image.

The printer can then print out the print on a computer screen.

Here’s how it works.1.

Get the image.

Digital scanner.1 Digital scanning, also known as digital image processing, is the method of scanning images that are larger than 2.3 inches in diameter, to make them appear smaller.2.

Cut it out.3.

Add a little water.

The image you take is then digitized and sent to a digital image transfer service, or DIT, which then produces a digital file.

For example, a print could be scanned for an advertisement.

The image could then be digitally converted into a picture or graphic.4.

Display the image online.5.

View the image on your computer.

The DIT creates the digital image.

The process involves three steps:1.

Create the print.

The print is created from a scanned print.2,3.

Scan the image to make it smaller.

The scanner is used to make the digital picture, which is then converted into an image and sent out.4,5.

Print out the image with your printer.

The print is scanned into a printer, and the printer converts the image into an 8-by-12-inch (20-centimetre-wide) print.6.

Display your digital image online with an image viewer.

You can use an image display program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the digital print.

You could also print out your digital print and display it on your home computer or laptop computer.

You could even download a file, then save the file onto a USB storage device.7.

View your digital file online.8.

View on your mobile device.

You should see an image on the screen that looks similar to the image you have taken.9.

View an image of your digital picture online.10.

View images from your digital prints online.