The $499 iPhone XS Max and the $649 iPhone X are all good phones for the Apple Watch.

But the new Apple Watch, the Series 3, is different.

The Watch will be a much better value than the original Series 2, and that’s exactly what we wanted to get right.

The Series 3 has a more affordable price tag than the Series 2.

It has an aluminum band, a thinner body, and the ability to run the same software and apps as the Series 1.

The hardware specs are also similar, but the software on the Series 4 is improved and the hardware itself is significantly more refined.

There are a few things you’ll want to know if you’re a die-hard fan of the Series, though.

First, the Watch has a much smaller display.

Apple introduced the Series series in 2015 with a 6.5-inch display and later upgraded the Series to a 7.9-inch screen.

That smaller screen means the watch doesn’t have to be big to fit comfortably on your wrist.

The watch is smaller than the iPhone X, the new iPhone X Plus, and even the iPhone 8 Plus.

That’s a good thing, because the Series Series 3 is very easy to use.

You can use it to snap photos, check your email, or take a quick glance at your watch.

The display is also very good, and it’s actually more comfortable to use than previous Series models.

It’s also the best display we’ve seen on a smartwatch.

Apple says the Series screen is one of the “greatest screens we’ve ever seen.”

And that’s certainly true.

The screen on the new Series 3 sports a 178-degree viewing angle, making it one of Apple’s best-looking watches yet.

There’s a nice, soft glow around the screen, and there’s even a nice ambient light sensor that can be used to dim the screen.

The battery life is good.

The new Series 2 is actually the best-performing Series in our battery test, with a 3,800mAh battery.

The Apple Watch has two batteries, and you can swap out the batteries in Series 3 for a different size.

The larger battery is also the longest we’ve tested with a 9,000mAh battery in our watch battery test.

The bigger battery is the biggest improvement in our Battery Test, but it’s still not as fast as the new model.

It can get a little warm under load, though, so you may want to take that into account when you’re charging your new Watch.

The overall design of the watch is a solid one.

The band is comfortable, and Apple made the band with a little stretch in the middle to make it more comfortable.

The stainless steel case is nice, but Apple also includes a stainless steel band, silicone band, and a plastic band for those with smaller wrists.

There aren’t any other Apple Watch bands with this stretch, but if you have a smaller wrist you’ll probably be happy with the choice.

The leather band is the same as the one we’ve already seen in the Series One and Series 2 models.

The silicone band is slightly thinner than the previous Series 2 silicone bands, but that’s actually a good improvement.

We like the way the Series’ silicone bands feel.

The rubberized band feels like leather, which is what you expect from Apple’s products.

It feels sturdy and secure.

The metal bands are more flexible, but they still feel more like leather than silicone.

The earpiece is nice and comfortable, too.

The power button is very large, but not quite as big as the button on the original watch.

You don’t have a volume rocker on the earpiece, which makes it feel like you have to press a button to turn the watch on.

There is a USB-C port, though the charging cable is too short to attach the cable to the watch.

There isn’t an IR port, either, so if you want to control the Apple TV with your Apple Watch you’ll need to buy a separate adapter.

There will be more new Series models coming soon.

The only real complaint we have is that the battery life has been decreased from a full day on the battery to a half day.

The first generation Series was able to last up to five days on a single charge, but there are now only two options for charging the watch from the dock: one with a cable that plugs into the iPhone or Apple TV, and one that plugs directly into the Apple computer.

There have also been rumors that Apple may ditch the battery-on charging method for the Series model.

The company has always tried to keep its devices battery-life up as much as possible, but these smaller sizes have allowed the Series models to run longer.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Apple decides to ditch the old charging method in favor of the new charging method.