Crypto Coins: Crypto Cash will launch in October 2017

Crypto Cash has been in development for over three years now, and it is finally here!The main competitor to Bitcoin, Crypto Cash is currently only available in China, India, and Singapore.In addition to China, the market cap of Crypto Cash in these countries is currently around $30 billion.With an average market cap in China of […]

Shoprite Digital Coupons and Digital Cameras

NEW YORK — Shoprite is changing how people shop online.The company announced Tuesday that it is bringing back its popular digital coupons and digital cameras.Shoprite said it has launched a new digital coupon and digital camera store.Users can now redeem a new coupon and new digital camera online at a special Shoprite coupon page that […]

When I was born, we didn’t have an oven, a microwave or an oven to heat food

When my family came to Israel, my father was still an old farmer who’d started his business at age 8.We lived in an agricultural settlement in the desert, and my father taught me how to plow.He’d make the hay, he’d plow the fields and he’d pick the crops.My father never lost his touch.He never stopped […]

“Hoy Digital Key” is a new digital key for mobile devices

Now Playing: Facebook is building a digital billboard network to reach more people than ever before source Time article Now Watching: Facebook to test 4 digit lottery with lottery ticket purchase article Now Reading: How a 3-year-old is being rewarded with $30 million for a $20 million lottery ticket.

How to Create Your First Digital Devil Story

Digital Devil saga: A digital cookie?What is it?Is it worth your time?Digital Devil story: The first digital cookie is a new medium of exchange.What can you do with it?And how can you use it?Digital cookie story: How can you make a digital cookie to make a tangible difference?Digital devil saga: Why can’t you just use […]

When The Simpsons is about to take the world by storm… again

Now playing: When The Springfield Simpsons is set to become the first animated series to hit the big screen againThe Simpsons is one of the most beloved American TV shows ever created.Now it’s about to become a phenomenon once again, as its creator Matt Groening has been tapped to direct a live-action film version of […]

How to download a digital speedometer in a smartphone app

Posted March 14, 2019 08:00:15A smartphone app may be the easiest way to find your digital speed, but the speedometer itself may not be that simple.According to a new study, smartphone apps are making it more difficult to find the correct digital speed.The National Association of Broadcasters says the number of apps using the same […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Toaster Digital Toasters

A new type of digital toasters that come with a digital toasting system is making its way to stores across the US.The digital toasts are being marketed as a more efficient and economical way to eat breakfast, but they also feature the potential to turn your dining table into a virtual tabletop.Here are the key […]

A look at how Google and the tech giants are using Google Glass to track people, businesses and governments

By Jennifer Hlavaty and James O’Connor-GrenellKey points:The world’s largest digital advertising company is trying to figure out how to better manage its vast digital footprintThe company is making its own digital maps, not using Google’s dataThe company wants to make a bigger investment in the data analytics marketIts CEO says Google’s Glass is “a powerful […]

When will you be able to use the Digital Infrared Thermometer to measure the temperature of your home?

Digital infrared thermometers (DITs) are becoming a standard feature in the home, but can you tell how much heat you’re putting on the walls and floors?The answer is no.There are two ways to test a DIT.The first is to turn the device on and see how much it heats the wall and floor.The second is […]

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