Why are the PS5 and PS4 getting the Digital Christmas Cards?

Digital Christmas cards were just added to the PS4 and PS5 consoles.The games can now be purchased digitally in a variety of stores, including the PSN and Google Play.The PlayStation Plus subscription service and the PlayStation Now streaming service have both added the digital cards.But why would anyone want to spend money on a digital […]

What’s new in digital kitchen scales?

A digital kitchen has become increasingly popular as more and more kitchenware is digitised and stored online.Digital kitchen scales can measure and record water pressure, cooking times, oven temperatures, gas pressure and even humidity levels.They are used to monitor cooking times and temperatures, and to make sure the fridge is full.They’re also used to keep […]

Kroger offers digital currency coupons for $1 and up

Kroger announced it will offer digital currency coupon codes for $10, $20, $50, and $100 at select stores, restaurants, and online stores beginning Tuesday.The coupon codes will be valid for two weeks, and will be accepted at select locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.The codes can be used in store, online, and […]

When the digital thermometers go digital, the digital world is in for some pretty big changes

Digital thermometers are now getting bigger and bigger, with the latest models being more powerful than ever before.Here’s a look at what they’re up to, how they work and what you can expect to find on them.1.Digital thermometer specs2.The Digital Twin (2017)Digital thermometers have been around for quite some time now, with various versions of […]

How to Buy Digital Products on Amazon with a Pocket Thermometer

The digital wallet is becoming increasingly popular in the US and Europe, but one small retailer has been the only one to make the transition.Digital thermometer retailer Pocket Thermo has been in business for five years and now boasts about 20,000 customers.The company offers a range of digital wallet products, from digital wristbands and wallets, […]

Puerto Rico is going to get a big dose of solar power thanks to Elon Musk’s solar company

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) Elon Musk is putting solar panels on the roofs of the island’s poorest residents, hoping to lure more investors and spur the development of a cleaner energy economy that could help the island meet its goals for a clean, renewable energy revolution.Musk’s SolarCity, which makes solar panels for home use, […]

Which digital scale is the right one for you?

Digital scale grams are grams of digital information that measure up to 2,500 bits per second.These grams are the smallest unit of digital data that can be measured, and are used by businesses, individuals, and even governments.A digital scale has a digital unit called a pixel, which is just 1 bit, or one millionth of […]

How to spot when the BBC is on strike

From the moment the BBC and ITV announce a new strike, the digital world has been buzzing.We’ve all been watching.And we’ve been keeping an eye out.The BBC has said it’s due to return to commercial TV stations in the next few weeks.But the timing of its return to TV, and the timing at which it’s […]

How to create a ‘digital marketing campaign’ to boost digital currencies

China is the first country to introduce a digital currency in a big way.The digital currency bitcoin has surged over the past year to become one of the most valuable assets on the market.It has gained over 200 times its value in less than two years, and the yuan has surged above $1,000, after falling […]

What you need to know about Yamaha’s new digital piano:

The first digital piano Yamaha has introduced in a while is the Digital Piano.The digital pianos Yamaha introduced last year have a similar feel to the physical piano.But unlike the physical pianos, the digital pianists don’t require you to put any buttons down, and you don’t need a smartphone or a computer to control them.The […]

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