Digital whiteboards have been around for years, but the latest iteration from the company that created them is finally making the leap into the mainstream with the launch of its digital photo album app.

The app has been around since the summer of 2016, and it has been designed to be an extension of your email and calendar for digital photography.

The app is free and comes with an optional offline mode that allows you to add a photo to your album on your smartphone or tablet, or to create an offline backup of your photos from the app.

You can also export the photos to a single file or a folder.

The apps main selling point is that it’s built for mobile devices and that’s where the company hopes to sell it.

In addition to offering its own photo and video editing tools, the app lets you import and share your own photos, as well as create and share custom templates and designs for your photos and videos.

The company has been using the app for over a year to get users on board with the idea that the app could actually be a serious business.

The digital photo app is one of the reasons that the company, DigitalOcean, has seen a $10 million investment from Chinese tech giant Alibaba.