Google News has updated its Digital Advertising Guide (DAG) with new content and updated statistics for digital advertising.

The latest version of the guide includes new data for digital marketing, with a focus on the mobile space.

The Digital Advertising Index is a benchmarking measure that measures the performance of digital ad spend across all ad platforms and ad networks across various segments.

The DAG provides insights on digital advertising performance across ad platforms, ad networks, and ad audiences.

It also provides insights for different categories of advertising.

The latest version will be available on December 3.

For the latest updates, read our guide on the most recent digital advertising statistics and trends.

The digital advertising industry is booming, and as a result digital advertising has become a key player in its growth.

According to a survey by the digital advertising firm Dentsu, the number of digital ads in India has increased by more than 30 per cent over the past year, to reach $4.1 billion.