Posted November 16, 2018 05:14:52 I have been a big fan of the Digital Path digital drawing board since I first saw it back in 2014, and I still love the way it handles drawing, editing, and sharing your creations.

But now Amazon has announced that it will be bringing the device to the US, Europe, and the UK, where it will cost $199.99.

You can pre-order the Digital Pencil, which is available now for $249.99, from Amazon for US$149.99 or €129.99 (which includes a $10 Amazon Prime subscription).

Amazon has also added the Digital Pad to its Amazon Prime app for iOS and Android.

The pen will work with any digital camera and can even capture video and still photos.

Amazon has not said how long it will support the Digital Passport, or if the device will be available in any other regions.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon continues to push out new hardware like the Digital Touch that it unveiled in February.