Veloco-SRM has announced the latest of the company’s flagship pedals that feature the company “redesigning” the pedals to allow the rider to choose from a range of pedaling modes.

The new omnium 10 pedal system is the culmination of three years of work to create the ultimate pedal system that can handle the demands of elite riders.

The pedal design and geometry is based on the Velocios Omnium Pro, which is the most powerful and versatile pedal ever produced by the company.

This is the same pedal that was designed for the team that took silver at the Tour de France and the team was even the first to produce the Omnium Pedals Pro.

The Velocos Omnium is powered by the SRAM Multistrada EPS 1290 11-speed cassette, which has a chainring capacity of 16-to-20-speed, and has been designed to be a high-end pedal.

The system is powered entirely by the pedals power, which means the pedals can be used at their highest capacity and with their best performance in mind.

In the new Omnium, the pedal design is further simplified to allow riders to use the pedals at their peak.

The pedal design has also been simplified to create a more ergonomic design with the pedal being slightly more compact and ergonomic than previous designs.

The system is available in two different modes – the Omnia and the Omnion.

In the Omniam, the pedals are configured to deliver an average of 10% more power and have the ability to provide maximum power at the maximum load, allowing riders to maintain an optimum pedaling speed, and maintain their optimal cadence.

In addition, the Omni is designed to give riders the ability, with the assistance of the SRM Multistream X2 pedals, to deliver a maximum power output of up to 30% of the pedal’s maximum output, making it ideal for those who want to push the limits and push themselves to the limits.

The Omnion mode also provides an average power output that can be utilized in conjunction with the Multistra X2 pedal, allowing the rider’s power to be utilized at the optimum cadence and with the most optimal pedaling cadence, allowing them to maintain a high level of performance.

In both modes, the omnium pedals deliver a range that allows riders to choose the pedal system to suit their riding style.

The Omniam mode allows riders who wish to achieve maximum power to select the best pedal system for their riding needs.

In this mode, the SRAMS Multistrux X2 Pedals is designed with the same characteristics as the previous Omniam pedal and offers a wider range of pedal options to choose.

The SRAMS Pedals Omniam will be available from Velocodeplex from August 29.