By LUCY NICHOLSONMANALDRICUS, Associated PressWalgreens is taking the first steps toward digital coupons and other promotional opportunities for its customers.

The grocer is offering discounts on a variety of products, including cosmetics and eyewear, to people who sign up for a new digital coupon and use the coupons online.

The discount applies to purchases of the same items that would normally be discounted by $1 to $2, or $5 to $10, Walgreens spokeswoman Amy Blevins said.

Walgarts digital coupons are available online at and at its mobile apps, and can be activated by phone or emailed to customers.

In addition, the grocer is allowing users to redeem the coupon on their own computers, iPads and iPhones.

“The coupons are great for our customers, as well as our team members who are looking for a great deal,” Blevens said.

The discounts are also available on online orders.

In an interview, Walgreen CEO Mike Stoll acknowledged that the coupons are not the only way to use its digital coupons.

He said the company is also adding additional digital coupons to its website.

The digital coupons include offers such as free shipping and free returns on groceries and electronics, discounts on groceries, and savings on cosmetics.

Walgreen has about 50 million customers, including consumers in Texas, California and New York.

“Our digital coupons will be the first digital coupons that we have,” Stoll said.

“We will also be offering a variety digital coupons on our website as well.”

The digital discounts, which start at $2.50 per item and go up to $25 per item, are valid for new purchases on and at Walgarys mobile apps.

Walnuts digital coupons start at a $2 fee for a $50 or $100 order.

“It will be more convenient for customers to use our coupons than going to a physical store to get them,” Stol said.

He declined to specify how many coupons were available.

“If you can’t afford to buy a $10 bottle of shampoo, you don’t have to pay a $25 fee,” he said. 

Walgreens is offering a discount on cosmetics purchases of $5 per item.

Blevinson said the digital coupons offer are available only to customers in the U.S. The company is encouraging consumers to sign up online or by calling 1-800-WALG-GARMS to sign-up.

The store also is offering free shipping for digital coupons by ordering online through the company.

WalGarts has also started allowing people to redeem coupons on other online retailers. 

One of the most popular online retailers, Target, also is expanding its digital coupon offerings.

Target is offering $5 coupon on most purchases, and it is also allowing shoppers to redeem digital coupons online at 

“It’s not a new thing,” said Lisa Deutsch, a retail analyst with Wedbush Securities.

“They’ve been offering these for years.

Target has been offering them for a long time.

Target’s a great place to shop and to get your goods.” 

In addition, Target is giving away $1 coupons on orders of $50 and $100.

“I’m not surprised Target is doing this,” Deutsch said.

Target did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Other grocery chains are also looking at digital coupons as part of their digital offerings.

Kroger has introduced digital coupons for a wide variety of purchases, including grocery items, home furnishings and electronics.

Target also has introduced more than 100 digital coupons over the last year, with the largest offering $1 discounts for all items except cosmetics.

“Target is a great choice for retailers that want to offer more of a discount, whether it’s on their digital or regular store products,” Bledsoe said.