With a growing number of apps for streaming music on your phone, it can be tempting to jump on the digital bandwagon.

However, with some of these services costing as much as $300, you’re likely to end up with a bad experience.

To help you get the best of both worlds, we’ve put together our top 10 best digital streaming services for Android devices.

The best way to listen to music on a phone If you’re looking for a decent digital music streaming experience on your Android phone, the most popular digital music services on Android come from Apple and Spotify.

You’ll find everything from a basic music player to a premium, top-end streaming service, but they’re all well worth a look.

Android Music Player Android Music is the most prominent Android app for listening to music, but it also includes a few other apps that you can use to add more functionality to your phone.

Here’s a list of some of the best digital music players on Android.

Spotify The best digital audio player Spotify offers is the $99.99 Android version, but there are several other premium digital music apps as well.

Most notably, there’s the $1.99 Spotify Premium app that comes pre-installed on every Android device, and is only available on devices running the latest version of the OS.

There are also two paid premium music apps for Android phones, one for $2.99 and one for free.

You can use Spotify Premium to listen and stream your music to a phone using its streaming features, including high-quality audio and a built-in microphone.

There’s also a premium audio player for Android tablets that offers more advanced features, like a microphone and audio playback controls.

Google Play Music Google Play offers a $2 music player for all Android devices, including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Google also offers a premium version of its Android music player that costs $5.99, which offers more powerful audio features and more features like offline playback.

The free version is also capable of listening to your music on other devices, and can even be used to stream your own music to your device, if you’re in a music-focused environment.

Google Music Plus Google Play also offers an $8 music player.

This is the free version that includes Google Play’s built-up audio capabilities, and Google Play Services, which allows you to set your own personalized playlists.

There is also an ad-supported version of Google Music for $4.99 that offers Google Play services and more.

Spotify On the Android platform, Spotify has been around since 2013.

However it has been gaining in popularity in recent years, with more than 1 billion active users and counting.

Spotify has also added a premium subscription service called Premium, which costs $12 per month and allows you access to unlimited streaming, plus access to Spotify’s curated music collections.

There aren’t many other premium services on the Android market, but Spotify does offer some exclusive music content for $5 per month.

Google Now Google Now is Google’s personal assistant that you’re probably familiar with from Android phones and tablets.

Google has added a few additional features to Google Now on Android, including Google Assistant Search, Google Maps, and more recently Google Now Weather.

The $1 Google Now service is only compatible with Android devices running Android Marshmallow, which means it only works on Android devices with Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google Search Google has also launched a $1 subscription service to get access to a number of features from Google Search.

There will also be a $7.99 monthly subscription to the Search app.

Google Home Google Home is a virtual assistant that can play music, answer questions, play music-related videos, and listen to podcasts.

The only catch is that you need to be a Google user to use the Google Home app on your device.

Google Assistant Google Now will also come with a few extra Google Assistant-specific features.

You get the ability to search for restaurants, search for products, and take a quick tour of homes.

The Google Home can also answer questions like “What’s the best way for me to buy this new item?” or “How can I get a discount for this new service?”.

Google Search Plus Google Now Plus is a Google Assistant that will come with additional features, such as the ability for users to ask questions.

The feature will also let you know if you can buy a new Google Play product, or how many other people are searching for that product.

Google Maps Google Maps is Google Maps for Android, and it’s a free service that offers a variety of features including the ability view directions and search for locations.

You also get the option to use Google Assistant to perform voice searches and voice commands.

Google Plus will also include a free Google Plus Music service, which lets you access Google Play music and Google Search for music.

You’re also able to get the full Google Maps experience, which includes Google Now, Google Places, and Street View