A digital bathroom scales for the digital age

The digital bathroomscale has been around for a long time, and has been used by countless individuals to measure and measure their digital activity.The scale is a digital digital copy of your bathroom scale with a digital scale, allowing you to compare the scale to the one you have.This digital bathroomscales for the modern digital […]

How to play the digital alliance, from the digital side

Digital ally: A digital alliance is a way for businesses and institutions to share resources and data online without the need for a physical presence.The goal is to provide the same level of transparency, security, and accountability that the physical alliance brings.  “If you’re not in a physical environment, you can’t have that level of accountability,” […]

How to find and share content on social media

Digital content is changing the way people communicate, and it’s starting to affect the way brands get their messages across.In the latest digital strategy report, Digital Media Research, an industry research group, recommends creating a digital strategy around the social sharing of content that is shared across social media platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.The […]


By Emily St. George, APLos Angeles is a small town of about 200,000 people, but it’s the birthplace of several famous film franchises.This week, it celebrates its 25th anniversary with a celebration that includes a new movie.Los Angeles’s landmark film, “La Parada Digital Twin,” stars the titular twins as they travel through the city’s streets […]

Digital jobs fall by 3.6% this year

LAGOS, Nigeria – The job market for digital marketers has slumped by 3% this calendar year, according to a survey by digital media recruitment firm Digital Marketing Job Corps. The jobs market has seen a gradual decline from a year ago, when the job market was in its most robust period in more than two decades. Job growth […]

When Digital Ruler’s Digital Ruler goes digital again

Digital ruler, digital ruler has gone digital again.Today, the company announced the acquisition of the digital crowns and the digital-centric digital-centered business model that has helped it grow to $11.5 billion in revenue, nearly half of which is in digital.The deal is a major boon for Digital Ruler, which has struggled in the past year […]

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