LAGOS, Nigeria – The job market for digital marketers has slumped by 3% this calendar year, according to a survey by digital media recruitment firm Digital Marketing Job Corps. 

The jobs market has seen a gradual decline from a year ago, when the job market was in its most robust period in more than two decades. 

Job growth for digital media has slowed to a mere 0.9% this fiscal year, down from an annual rate of 2.6%. 

Digital marketing jobs were down by 3,732 in the fiscal year that ended March 31, compared to 1,937 in the previous fiscal year. 

Digital advertising jobs fell by 3%, from 3,038 to 3,031. 

For online advertising, digital media jobs fell to 1.9%, down from 2.4%. 

While there has been a slight increase in online advertising jobs, it is down to 3.9%. 

For search and advertising, jobs fell in both digital and traditional media sectors, by 2.3%, to 1 and 1.4% respectively. 

More than 90% of digital jobs were filled by people who are aged 25-44, compared with 85% for traditional media. 

Despite the slowdown in digital advertising jobs the survey indicated that the number of job postings in digital media and search advertising remained robust. 

“Digital media job opportunities are still growing at a strong pace, especially in traditional media and in search advertising, which continues to deliver more growth and new jobs,” said Digital Marketing Chairperson David Soto. 

Soto said the trend was also seen in the job creation for marketing and public relations. 

He said the digital industry was in the midst of a major transformation. 

“[We’re] seeing an acceleration of digital advertising job creation, a very strong growth in digital marketing jobs, and a very significant uptick in digital jobs in public relations,” he said.

“There are some great job opportunities and a lot of growth that is in the digital economy.”

The survey also found that digital media employment had increased at an annual pace in recent years, with digital jobs rising by 5% in 2017. 

According to the survey, digital job creation has been boosted by the emergence of the social media and mobile industries. 

A total of 1,527 digital job postings were made in the three sectors, up from 1,316 in 2017, with 1,315 of those digital jobs made in digital and digital advertising. 

However, a quarter of all jobs in the traditional media sector are being automated, with the number falling to 2.2% of the workforce. 

Other sectors with significant job growth include film, TV and digital publishing. 

There were a total of 3,812 digital jobs posted in digital, compared by 1,764 digital jobs and 1,838 digital job posts in traditional.