How to use the mirage and voces to see through a digital image

Now Playing: You can use the ‘Mirage’ effect to get a sense of how digital images look digitally…But it’s not easy Now Playing ‘The Great Escape’ is a fun little way to show off the ‘mirage effect’ Now Playing How to get the ‘Halo effect’ in VR Now Playing What’s next for virtual reality?Now Playing […]

Digital Academy: Digital coupons for digital frames

Digital Academy digital coupons are the best way to redeem digital frames.Digital Academy coupon codes can be used to get discounts or freebies for any digital frame you purchase.They can be redeemed by going to Digital Academy’s coupon code redemption page, which is located under My Deals.You can find the latest discount codes at Digital […]

How to find and share content on social media

Digital content is changing the way people communicate, and it’s starting to affect the way brands get their messages across.In the latest digital strategy report, Digital Media Research, an industry research group, recommends creating a digital strategy around the social sharing of content that is shared across social media platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.The […]


By Emily St. George, APLos Angeles is a small town of about 200,000 people, but it’s the birthplace of several famous film franchises.This week, it celebrates its 25th anniversary with a celebration that includes a new movie.Los Angeles’s landmark film, “La Parada Digital Twin,” stars the titular twins as they travel through the city’s streets […]

How to Buy Cheap Digital Cameras with a ‘Digital Level’

The best digital camera is the one that has the most advanced processing.But there’s a price.And it’s a very expensive one.We’ve written about this before, but today we’re taking it to a new level.We’re going to talk about the digital level, and how to get the most bang for your buck.If you’re looking to buy […]

How the U.S. could get rid of 3D printing: How to make a 3D printed car, a 3-D printed plane, a 2-D printable house, etc.

Posted January 14, 2019 07:23:51If you’re looking for an idea to make your 3D printer more affordable, 3D printers are here to help.They can print parts and assemble objects for you to build yourself, or you can pay someone else to do the work for you.3D prints are essentially 3D-printing machines that use liquid ink […]

Digital nomad: ‘I am the best digital nomad on the planet’

Digital nomads who want to travel, work, and live in remote locations are finding new ways to get to them with the help of digital nomads.The latest digital nomadic startup to gain widespread attention is called Libertad Digital Nomad, which launched in October, according to the company’s founder and CEO, John Lee.Lee has spent the […]

How to get your hands on the best digital thermostat

IGN’s digital thermometers are a must-have for digital home and kitchen enthusiasts.This month, IGN is offering two of the best options, the Thermostat and the Digital Thermostats.Both are digital versions of the popular models, the Efficale and the Thermador, and feature a sleek, white exterior with an LED notification light.The Thermostant is the company’s best-selling […]

Digital scrapbookers are becoming more popular – and more expensive – with the arrival of digital photography and video, says football writer Roberto Calabria

Digital scrapbooks are becoming increasingly popular, with some people using them as a source of cheap storage, says a football writer who used to keep them for footballs.Roberto Calabrese writes in this month’s issue of Football Italian that digital scrapbooks have evolved into a form of photo-album.The problem, however, is that, unlike physical albums, they […]

How to fix your digital air grill for better cooking experience

Digital air fryers can be a hassle for many people.But there are a few tips and tricks to help you cook up a perfect air fry, even if you don’t want to be bothered by the gadgets.Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure your air fry gets the job done […]

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