When will you use the digital thermometers

The electronic thermometers that were used by the Italian national team in the World Cup final are being phased out by the manufacturer RBS Digital.The digital thermographs are not being used by any professional football teams at the moment.They were used at the Eurovision Song Contest in March, but the manufacturer had said it would […]

What is digital life?

Digital life is digital communication with the intent of creating digital content and enabling communication between individuals and groups.The digital space is an increasingly important dimension of digital culture, and there are growing concerns about its impact on privacy, freedom of expression, and the ability to share information and create new relationships.This is particularly true […]

New XBox One XS model has more memory than the original XBox console, Microsoft claims Independent title Microsoft says it will sell an Xbox One X at $1,100 cheaper than the current model Independent title The Xbox One S is cheaper than its predecessor independent

Microsoft is offering up an Xbox XS at $999 cheaper than it is currently selling the Xbox One, Microsoft said today.The Xbox One model has up to 64GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, and is powered by a 7th-generation Intel chip.Its $499 price tag is similar to the current Xbox […]

How to get a free Amazon Prime membership for all Amazon.com customers

I have a couple of things to say about Amazon Prime.First, you can sign up for one now at the Amazon website, and it costs $79.99 for three years.And then there are Amazon services that offer discounts.If you want to take advantage of those discounts, you need to get an Amazon Prime account.But you can […]

Shoprite Digital Coupons and Digital Cameras

NEW YORK — Shoprite is changing how people shop online.The company announced Tuesday that it is bringing back its popular digital coupons and digital cameras.Shoprite said it has launched a new digital coupon and digital camera store.Users can now redeem a new coupon and new digital camera online at a special Shoprite coupon page that […]

“Hoy Digital Key” is a new digital key for mobile devices

Now Playing: Facebook is building a digital billboard network to reach more people than ever before source Time article Now Watching: Facebook to test 4 digit lottery with lottery ticket purchase article Now Reading: How a 3-year-old is being rewarded with $30 million for a $20 million lottery ticket.

When is the next time you’ll be buying your first digital magazine?

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself since you’ve picked up your first magazine.But there’s one thing that most people haven’t been asked: how often should you buy a digital magazine digitally?As a digital subscriber, your choice of digital magazines varies greatly depending on your tastes, budget and what magazines you already own. But what’s the […]

3D lottery with 3D glasses and a game of 3D online video game in Arizona

A three-dimensional digital video game that you can play with 3-D glasses is coming to Arizona.The Arizona Virtual Reality Center (AVRC) has just announced a new project that will allow users to experience virtual reality with 3Ds glasses.You will need to download the 3D camera app from the Oculus store and then install it.You will […]

What’s new in digital kitchen scales?

A digital kitchen has become increasingly popular as more and more kitchenware is digitised and stored online.Digital kitchen scales can measure and record water pressure, cooking times, oven temperatures, gas pressure and even humidity levels.They are used to monitor cooking times and temperatures, and to make sure the fridge is full.They’re also used to keep […]

How to Buy Digital Products on Amazon with a Pocket Thermometer

The digital wallet is becoming increasingly popular in the US and Europe, but one small retailer has been the only one to make the transition.Digital thermometer retailer Pocket Thermo has been in business for five years and now boasts about 20,000 customers.The company offers a range of digital wallet products, from digital wristbands and wallets, […]

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