A look at how Google and the tech giants are using Google Glass to track people, businesses and governments

By Jennifer Hlavaty and James O’Connor-GrenellKey points:The world’s largest digital advertising company is trying to figure out how to better manage its vast digital footprintThe company is making its own digital maps, not using Google’s dataThe company wants to make a bigger investment in the data analytics marketIts CEO says Google’s Glass is “a powerful […]

Why I don’t use a digital thermometers: Why I’m not buying them

I’m getting my first digital thermocouple for Christmas and I’m using them for everything from cooking to cleaning. The thing is, they don’t seem to be working as well as the old fashioned digital ones I’ve had for years. But they’re still pretty darn useful. So, I decided to give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised. They’re surprisingly easy […]

How do you know if a game is live?

FIFA 18 has been out for a few hours, but that doesn’t mean there’s any sign that the action has begun.While there have been a number of online matches online, the only confirmed live matches have been on the Xbox Live platform, as evidenced by a video from the FIFA 18 European Qualifiers.While there have […]

When the digital thermometers go digital, the digital world is in for some pretty big changes

Digital thermometers are now getting bigger and bigger, with the latest models being more powerful than ever before.Here’s a look at what they’re up to, how they work and what you can expect to find on them.1.Digital thermometer specs2.The Digital Twin (2017)Digital thermometers have been around for quite some time now, with various versions of […]

Why do some people have such good digital thermometers?

The term ‘digital thermometer’ was introduced by the US military to describe a small, lightweight device that measures the temperature of the body.These devices have been used in the past to monitor blood pressure and pulse rates and are now being used in healthcare settings.But the term has become so widespread in the medical community […]

How to keep your family safe online with the latest threat analysis

If you’re one of the millions of people who used social media in the run-up to Christmas, it’s likely you’ve experienced an uptick in the number of people spreading malicious malware.And it’s a scary trend that’s sure to get worse.There are two main types of malware, ransomware and trojans.Ransomware is a type of malware that […]

Digital turbine stock: What is it?

Digital turbine stocks are a type of digital stock that allow you to buy digital stock or digital photo frames.They’re also known as digital scale or digital turbine stock.They can be purchased online, but they can also be bought in-store.They typically include digital scales, which measure the size of the stock.The company that sells the […]

How to find your digital bathroom scale

The digital bathroom scales you’ll need to find the right size for your digital workspace can get a bit tricky, but it’s worth it.Here are the steps to getting the most out of your digital bathrooms and bathroom scales.

How to protect your online privacy from digital blasphemy

By Jennifer R. O’Leary, American Conservative EditorAs more and more individuals are being targeted with false accusations of blasphemy and cyberbullying, many are using the internet to defend their right to freedom of expression online.As a result, the US has been the epicenter of a growing tide of blasphemy prosecutions, as well as a growing […]

Which of the five digital microscope products is the best?

Digital microscopes have come a long way in the last decade and have now become widely available for medical purposes, but in India they are still used in a small minority of cases.What makes digital microscopes so special is that unlike traditional microscopes, they are able to capture the microscopic details of cells, organs and […]

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