Why You Shouldn’t Give Away Your Smartphone for a Dollar

There’s a lot of pressure for people to “make the most of their smartphones” these days.But is that really the case?Are we really spending too much on them?It turns out there’s more to it than just buying gadgets.Digital coupons are becoming increasingly popular, and some companies are trying to make the digital rewards system even […]

When Digital Ruler’s Digital Ruler goes digital again

Digital ruler, digital ruler has gone digital again.Today, the company announced the acquisition of the digital crowns and the digital-centric digital-centered business model that has helped it grow to $11.5 billion in revenue, nearly half of which is in digital.The deal is a major boon for Digital Ruler, which has struggled in the past year […]

How to redeem your digital movie codes for Xbox One S

Digital movie codes are a great way to get your hands on some great content for your console, but there’s a catch: You need to have an Xbox One to redeem them.That’s why we’ve rounded up the best ways to use the digital code-based games for your Xbox One.Read moreHow to redeem Xbox OneS game […]

I am the one who got the best digital gift card deal on Amazon.com

The biggest reason to use Amazon.co.uk is to buy digital gifts.This is true for most people, so it is no surprise to see Amazon.cc gift cards being the most popular gift card on the site.Amazon.uk does have some big discounts on some of its products, such as Amazon Prime subscriptions and its Prime Video streaming […]

What’s the difference between a digital thermometer and a digital watch?

CNN Digital thermometers are small digital devices that use an electrical signal to read a temperature.Digital thermometer devices are used to measure temperature and pressure.Digital watches use digital technology to measure the time and the date.Digital watches have an internal display that displays the time, date, and time zone.Digital watch watches have a built-in digital […]

How to be a better digital marketer: An interview with David Lee

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to speak to David Lee, founder of the Applied Digital Skills (ADSL) business.In our conversation, I asked him about how his digital business is being transformed and why it is becoming so valuable to companies looking to hire digital talent.I also asked him if he had […]

Amazon’s new 4-digit digital thermometer sells for $149.99 on Amazon.com

Amazon is offering the Amazon Digital Thermometer, a $149,000 digital thermometers that includes a 4-digit digital optical cable and a 3.5mm headphone jack.Amazon’s digital thermo is currently available on Amazon for $249.99, with a free 30-day trial, and the device is expected to go on sale in November.It also has a $59.99 price tag, with […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Art Tablet

A few weeks ago, we posted a guide to getting the most out of your digital art tablets.We talked about how to get the most from your digital canvas, how to organize your digital artwork, and how to take advantage of the digital canvas to create stunning images.We also explained how to use a tablet […]

When Your Digital Camera Isn’t Your Best Friend

By: Dan DittrichNew York MagazineNew York magazine is one of the few publications that can make you a better reader and a better consumer.The magazine is known for its sharp writing and unique brand.Its best-selling digital and print titles are among the best in the business.They also sell millions of copies each month, and its […]

Which Canon Camera to Get?

We’ve seen several Canon digital cameras for sale on eBay, but they’re typically a bit pricey.Now, Canon has launched a new line of cameras called the Canon Digital Camera Storerite that’s available for $199.99 (roughly $100 less than the entry-level price of the digital cameras listed above).The Canon Digital Storerite is aimed at the people […]

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